Restoration of the Old Congregational Church

The Congregational Church in 1974 when it became the property of  the Viles. Documentation of the transfers of property to the Sweden Community Church and subsequently to the Viles provide details of the acquisition.

Mr. Viles kept a wonderful photographic history of the restoration, a small portion of which is presented here.

Mr. Viles notes that the building had been used by the town to house the town tractor (behind the sliding door on the right) and a truck (behind the doors on the left).

The Church was built and established in 1817.
Old photo of the interior of the church.
The same view as the photo above with Mr. Viles' notation.
Post and beam construction. Although not shown in this photo, some beams were consumed with dry rot.
The church with new windows made by Mr. Viles.
Work on the front to remove the garage opening and restore the original entrances.
New doors are installed and clapboarding in progress.
July 1977. Plummer Road (now Webber Pond road) on right.
January 1978

For more on this church turned residence, read  article in Lake Living Magazine.
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