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Sweden Historical Society
Sweden, Maine

The town of Sweden, Maine celebrated its bicentennial in 2013. To mark the event, the Sweden Historical Society launched a project to research the town’s 47 surviving buildings that were built no later than its centennial in 1913.

Living, Learning and Worshiping: Buildings of Sweden, Maine 1813-1913 is the culmination of this research.

The book provides a brief chronological narrative of each building, and an introduction to the economic, social, and religious history of this small, rural Maine town. In addition to accounts from the descendants of Sweden’s 19th century founders, contemporary documents, photographs, land records and deeds were extensively researched and consulted. The result is a concise record of the town’s existing antique buildings and an intriguing glimpse into life in this community over the years.

Each building description features a full-color photograph of how it appears today, along with the date it was built, map location references, and a short history beginning with the original builder up to the current owner. Relevant period photographs and excerpts from local newspapers are scattered throughout the text, which provide entertaining reading.

Period maps from 1858 and 1880 with the locations of the houses clearly numbered and marked are also included.
The book is intended to be used as a field guide to the town’s historic buildings and promote interest in local history.